Sunday, December 27, 2009


Wow. How time flies!

We have had an adventurous time in the last several months here in the United States, and two mornings from now, we should be sitting on a plane to head back to Honduras.

I will never forget the morning of June 28, 2009. We were in a hotel in San Pedro Sula, having some R&R time as a family. The first thing that Makenzie likes to do when we are there is to turn on the TV because in general, we don't have TV in Yamaranguila! So, she did... and we watched some cartoons, and while she was getting ready, we turned on the news channels. One channel made a mention of the President of Honduras being ousted. So, we started checking other channels and heard it a few more times. Then, as we were close to leaving to go eat breakfast, the TV went out. We didn't think a whole lot about it until after breakfast when we talked with Cindy, and discovered that this was much more serious than we thought. We FRANTICALLY tried to pack up our things so we could leave, but as Andy was checking us out of the hotel, the people at the desk said that if we leave that we would be arrested on the streets. So, we stayed put. We prayed. We prayed for Henry and the group of people that were coming towards San Pedro Sula from Yamaranguila. We didn't know a whole lot because the TV was out for a while.

The next few days are kind of a blur, not because we were so busy with "stuff"... but every moment was spent in prayer. I found myself praying in the back of my head while people were talking to me.

We were SUPPOSED to already be back to Yamaranguila, we were SUPPOSED to be sleeping in our own beds. We were SUPPOSED to be hosting a new group of people coming into Honduras. SUPPOSED TO and actual became two different things.

We cried, we prayed, we tried to sit back and relax in the pool, but we all were thinking WHAT NEXT. So, on July 1, the women and children of Mercy International (including Makenzie and I) left the country WITHOUT our husbands. WITHOUT several days worth of clothes (Makenzie and I had a carry on sized bag with us - approximately 3 days worth of clothes). WITHOUT the things that we would normally take back to the states. WITHOUT peace of mind, however WITH the grace of God behind us all the way! I think that was one of the hardest good-bye's I have ever known. Partially because of the political uncertainty, partially because I knew that my husband and the other guys would be travelling back to Yamaranguila through baracades and many other things, and partially because I don't like being in a different country as my husband.

I am thankful to say that Makenzie and I, Cindy and Mallory, all made it back safe and sound to the US. The guys made it safe and sound to Yamaranguila, settled some things there, packed a few more clothes for us, and headed back to the US... EVERYONE safe.

We knew that we would be here in the US for a while. We have been blessed in so many ways this entire time. But, it's very much time to go back. Our other family is there. We have friends that we didn't get to say good-bye to.... we have people that we pray for every day... we have people that we love... and we are part of a ministry there that is making strides EVERY day to make the people of Honduras come to Christ.

God had us here for many reasons, some of which we will never know. A few friends went to be with Jesus while we were here (one of these a 10 year old girl... Olivia... this tragedy will impact my life every day for many many years to come!). There are things going on that we needed to know how to pray. Our church got a new building. Andy got to go to some College classes (which all classes except one he got an 'A' in!! The other one was a 'B'! GREAT job honey!). I had an opportunity to do some work for a company that I used to work for. The list could go on and on. We have been TRULY blessed.

Now, we are excited to see what God has in store for 2010! 2009 has been quite an adventure. We didn't love every part of it... but we were blessed by EVERY part - both difficult and easy!

I appreciate all of the opportunities. I appreciate God's blessings. I appreciate everyone who is in our lives!

God bless you!
Because of Him,

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